By joinning our multi-tenant customer support system, you can streamline your support experience and resolve issues quickly and easily, saving you time and reducing frustration. Our team of experienced support agents are dedicated to providing you with exceptional service and are available to assist you whenever you need it.

What we offers to our customer

Customer can manage tickets
  • Customer can create tickets from its portal.
  • Every customer can view only its generated ticket securely.
  • Customer have rights to select tickets priority and department while creating tickets.
  • Our agent team contact with customer.
  • Also customer can reply back to the agent. Customer can delete ticket from its portal.
Customer can do live chat
  • Before creating any ticket customer can also resolve issue through chat in real time.
  • If customer have any other issue he can contact through chat.
  • Customer can also tells the admin to create ticket on his behalf.
  • With live chat, you can get your questions answered and issues resolved quickly, without having to wait on hold or send an email.
  • Live chat allows you to have a conversation with a representative in a way that is more personal and interactive than email.
Customer can create ticket
  • Customers can create a new ticket through the support portal,to provide:
    • Details about their issue
    • Ticket description
    • Any relevant attachments or screenshots
    • Selecting severity of the issue
    • Selecting relevant department
  • Once the necessary information has been entered, the customer can submit the ticket for processing.
  • Our system will assign the ticket to the appropriate agent based on the customer's problem.

Your Success Is Our Success

With our platform, you can manage all of your needs in one place, streamlining your support operations and saving you time and effort.